26 Apr

Ein bischen verzweifelt

Here’s where things stand Chez La Flamme:

We’re moving to Hawaii! The last few days have been a flurry of activity and information gathering. Cat will be in quarantine, housing is nebulous, school ends here and starts there at about the same time, it will take 3 months for our stuff to get from here to there, etc., etc. BUT, we have very helpful friends on the other end, help from the Army that almost balances out the frustrations they create, and we know how we’d like things to look in a best case scenario. Worst case scenario — it’s still Hawaii!!!

Flegenpilz shakers and fabric

My quilt mom Gerrie sent me this box of fun stuff. You can’t see them all here, but the colors and patterns are approaching Hawaiian. The shakers are adorable! I wonder if the Fliegenpilz craze has made it to the Island yet? Thanks!
With everyone’s input, I decided to donate “Celebrate Home 2” to the SAQA auction. You can see what’s already been donated here. There’s lots more time, so I’m sure more and more lovely artworks will be added to the page. Although “Celebrate Home 2” plays better with my other house and rooted pieces in the eventuality of a show, I decided that because a show is only in my imagination now, and the auction is real — it would be better to focus on the tangible. Besides, my work has a much better track record in auctions for good causes that it does all on it’s own (my donations garnered the second highest bids in both the Kim Family auction and one of Ami Sims’ Priority Alzheimer’s reverse auctions. My SAQA donation last year also sold relatively quick — and therefore for a larger price than many works.)

Hopefully, I’ll have some projects to post soon — before it all gets packed up. I’ll try to keep blogging, but no promises.

21 Apr



Well, apparently, I’m the last to know that not only are we moving (OK, I knew that early on) but we are moving TO HAWAI’I!!!!!!!!!

Can I use enough exclamation points? Just as Ft. Polk, LA is the quintessential example of where I do NOT want to live (sorry to people who like living in that part of Louisiana — it’s just not for me) , Hawai’i is the example of where everyone would love to go but knows that it would never happen. I’m in shock that it IS happening. This was soooooooo not on my radar. Really, how could anyone be so lucky as to be stationed in Germany for the better part of 12 years and then get sent to Hawai’i as well?

Thank you everyone who sent my man great pictures and videos about all things Hawaiian to get us in the mood. My son is already excited about learning to twirl fire on sticks. And, obviously, we are going to have to make sure we have some sort of guest accommodations in our new place.


20 Apr

Celebrate Home

I made these two little pieces for the Quilting Arts 2009 Calendar contest. They did not make the cut, so I will donate one to SAQA’s now-annual auction (the link is to last year’s auction — they should have this year’s artwork up in the near future, as they get more donations).

Which one do you think I should send?

Celebrate Home 1

Celebrate Home 1  2008  12″ x 12″

by Kristin La Flamme

Celebrate Home 1, detail

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Celebrate Home 2

Celebrate Home 2  2008  12″ x 12″

by Kristin La Flamme

Celebrate Home 2, detail

12 Apr

Charity Quilts

Scrap blocks

C of the Friday morning hand quilting group (that’s as much about delicious food and good company as it’s about actual sewing or quilting) has asked the eight of us to each make 18 little blocks from scraps which she will sew together. We will donate the finished quilt to our guild to raffle off for charity. C loves tiny pieces and I thought this block was going to take forever, so I put it of and put it off. Our deadline is approaching so I finally got my blocks done yesterday. With a jump start of half-sewn leftovers from a few who were more industrious than I, it actually didn’t take long. I’m excited to see this big with all our blocks together!

Strippy Aqua Quilt

Speaking of charity, the puffy, strippy, quilt is done and will go to Landstuhl Medical Center with a handful of other quilts that Quilted Chaos, the American quilting group here, has made. Landstuhl not only serves US service members stationed in Europe, but it is also the halfway stop between the field hospital in Baghdad and Walter Reed Medical Center in the US. When wounded service members make the trip from Landstuhl to Walter Reed it is most often on a military transport plane, which may have more legroom than coach, but lacks all other comforts. TS&WGH assures me that donated quilts are usually given to these people to help warm and cushion the trip.

Before I moved here, Quilted Chaos had cut a bajillion 5-inch squares of donated fabrics and has slowly been making quilts from them ever since. There was a flurry of activity two or three years ago in which I think a handful of quilts were finished and delivered. The quilts pictured were older tops that were recently quilted by one member and bound by myself and a few others. I sewed the labels on today.

Quilted Chaos Charity Quilts

There’s still a bunch of squares though and I was inspired to use some of them up. I have been seeing the “Disappearing 9-Patch” block around the internet lately and it struck me as appropriate for our squares as well as being big impact for little effort patchwork. Quilts and ATCs (via Sew Mama Sew) has a nice tutorial. In order to keep the quilt a little cohesive, M, keeper of the 5″ squares was kind enough to separate out all the blues and greens and oranges for me. Fabric pusher that she is, she not only cut out more orange squares (since there weren’t enough in the box) but she added more greens. Now I have extras to put back in the box — but a dent has been made in the pile.

The humble 9-Patch (12ers, check out the water fabric)

Dull you say? Never fear….

9-Patches cut into fourths

Schnipp Schnapp and a bit more sewing and by the end of the day I had a vibrant scrap quilt top to add to the pile.

Finished Disappearing 9-Patch top

I arranged mine a bit differently than the tutorial — I liked the larger, uncut squares together in 4-Patch units. As much as I like finishing projects, I wouldn’t start them in the first place if I didn’t enjoy the process. So, in deference to the process, I also left one 9-Patch uncut.

I’ll quilt this one later, but for now it’s back to hand quilting houses and roots.

06 Apr


Another Roots quilt in progress

This is the view in my lap these days. Houses and roots have come off the design wall and landed in my lap where they are shouting to be quilted entirely by hand. This one just wants to be wrapped around my shoulders in a soft, comforting way. The main fabric is a cotton damask duvet cover that I bought at a flea market last summer and then dyed and painted myself. It is soooooooooo supple and soft. When I basted the quilt last week I had inadvertantly bought a thicker batting than usual and so I actually un-basted the quilt and replaced the batting because the thicker feel was conflicting with what this quilt told me it should be. I’d like to finish this by the end of the month — wish me luck!


Saturday was the bi-annual Dutch Fabric Market in Mannheim. In a region where fabrics normally cost 15€ and up per meter, the opportunity to buy anything for 4€ and up is not to be passed. I’ve been wanting to join the linen fad, but at 35€ per meter it just wasn’t going to happen. But, on Saturday, with C and her friend (and a shopping list from R who couldn’t come), we braved rainy, grey, weather and filled our bags with linen, linen, gingham, and more linen! There were probably 40 vendors in open-sided tents like these, filled with row upon row of bolts of fabric. We loved the double sided felted wool for clever vests and jackets where all the seams show so you can see both colors. Without a clear plan though, the market is overwhelming — where do you start? How much do you buy? C bought fabric for pillow covers, H bought some upholstery weight floral for handbags, R wanted linen for summer pants, and I ended up with linen to experiment with for quilting and embroidery, plus some mushroom appropriate trims. I almost bought cotton with ruffles and ribbons already sewn on and coordinating floral jersey for an outfit for Katja, but in the end, they didn’t have the color combo I really wanted and I realized I didn’t need another project, nor did K need another outfit! Oh, but the samples were so cute and tempting!
Serukids tent

02 Apr

I-4 Corridor: Stretching Threads across Florida

I am proud to say that, not one, but two of my works have been chosen to join the SAQA show “I-4 Corridor: Stretching Threads across Florida.” The show will take place in three locations — New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, and Orlando — and will run from June 1 until June 30, 2008. Organizer/Juror Mary McBride describes the show:

I-4 Corridor: Stretching Threads Across Florida

This is an international exhibition of fiber art members of Studio Art Quilt Associates who will be featured at several galleries and museums across the I-4 Corridor which bisects Central Florida. It is presented in conjunction with the Handweaver’s Guild of America Convergence 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  Dates are June 1 – June 30, 2008.  Jurors are Peg Keeney, Mary McBride and Linda Colsh.

My quilt, “Fliegenpilz II,” will be at the Comma Gallery in Orlando, and “Village Series #1” will be at the Harris House Gallery in New Smyrna Beach. I’ll share more information as I receive it.