07 Jan

Hello 2008

Just a quick post to say hi. We’ve had a wonderfully busy few weeks full of family and holiday fun.

Baking, gifting, us and all our stuff arriving in time for Christmas in the Northwest US, the kids meeting and playing with their cousin, seeing my mom and step-dad’s beautiful house for the first time, seeing my dad, finding that the significant others get along well without any coercion, practically living on bagels and cream cheese (sadly no lox and onions on our schmear though), and Mexican food, walking the solar system, knitting, Christmas!, exploring a bit of Eugene Oregon, eating good in general, riding a train to Portland, seeing the other half of the family and their new homes too, exploring Spokane Washington, sledding on the driveway, feeding a baby zebra, petting kangaroos, New Year’s activities especially for the kids, a grown-up six course dinner for us, a dinner-and-a-movie date, ice skating, shopping for basics that would cost more in Germany (thank you weak dollar), playing with blog friends, making new friends, a smooth flight back.

I’m sure I’ll remember more of the good stuff we did when I get around to downloading all our photos. Most was family-oriented, but I’m sure I have some blog-worthy stuff to share too. I hope to write more later about New Year goals, US v. Europe things that struck me, and a bunch of other stuff floating around in my head. But first I need to get over my jet-lag.