31 Jul

The Next Generation

I can think of at least five people reading this blog who won’t mind if I brag about my children — again! So here goes.
This is Katja’s first fiber postcard:

K's first Fiber Postcard

After we had built a small scale engine (from a kit — thanks SIL Betsy) for Zavi this morning, Katja was trying to decide what she wanted to do. We tried a “scratch drawing” but didn’t have the right paints (acrylics don’t scratch away well to show the crayon colors below). Since I was decompressing (from the endless lice battle) by doing some embroidery on my pile of fabric postcards, she decided she wanted to sew too. She told me that she knew how to sew by hand and therefore didn’t need my help. I think she sensed that I wasn’t in the mood to supervise machine sewing just then and besides, both kids had made tote bags for their teachers last week. She even offered to draw me a picture of what she wanted to sew. She drew a rectangle, then divided it into many sections and drew a triangle in each section. She announced that it would be a postcard. I normally work on my postcards after the kids go to bed since they are nice in-front-of-the-TV handwork, so I don’t even recollect a conversation about fiber art postcards, but she knew exactly what they were and  what she wanted to make. (Let this be a lesson to parents who think that things are “over the kids’ heads” or that the kids are not paying attention — they are soaking EVERYTHING up!)

I suggested that all those little triangles might be easier to fuse on instead of sew and tried to point Katja in the direction of some pre-fused fabrics. She stated that she’d just use one big square and triangle and make it into a house (again, influenced by what I’m working on). She disappeared upstairs and after a few minutes of rummaging and bustling and rustling, she came back to the table with a background, house, roof and door all cut out and ready to sew. I handed her a needle and asked what color she wanted from my floss. I threaded a few needles for her, but she did the rest. After the house was appliquéd and the bead doorknob attached, we went upstairs to fuse her creation to some Timtex. She then chose the thread for the satin stitch edge and I supervised the minimal machine sewing.

Ta da! MIL, this will be on it’s way to you soon. Mom and Opa, if this trend keeps up, I’ll suggest she send one or two your ways.

27 Jul

Getting back to normal

Woo Hoo — three days without seeing anything actually crawling and I’ve dug myself out from under the weekend’s (and Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s) pile of laundry and endless hair combing. I think I finally see an end in sight. With most of my fiber projects in plastic bags, and no energy at the end of the day, I was looking for a little something to do without thinking very hard. I pulled out the Mason DixonBall Band Warshrag” that was on my “maybe someday” to do list. It was a surprisingly easy knit and I finished it in two evenings and a sit-on-the-front-step-while-the-kids-play-outside session.

Ball Band

I plan to do another one when the other ball of cotton comes out of quarantine and Katja finishes her garter stitch dishrag.

I had some peace and quiet today and so I worked on some fabric postcards. (I figured that the ironing I subject these to would kill any creepy crawlies on the off chance there were any.)

Postcards WIP

Lots of needle doodling. I did gold metallic bubbles and and roots, and wierd flowers from nearby.

Dried up

I think this is my favorite

24 Jul

Two Quick Links

Time is short today, but I have two links to share.

First, my SAQA “One Foot Square” donation quilt goes to auction today — along with all the other gems on pages three and four. Feel free to tell any friends looking for interesting artwork to go check out the auction.

Second, the Texies Sliced Quilt “starter packs” are starting to arrive at their destinations. Christiane has already blogged her part, so I won’t bore everyone with basicly the same info. I may have said before that my piece is mostly red though. I don’t get any of the cool script to work with that Christiane got.

22 Jul


June/July’s Pincushion Challenge theme is summertime. Immediately, I though “inflatable pool!” So here it is:

Summer pincushion

I probably should have made each ring of the pool itself a different color, but I only had one yarn that was a summery color, and in my mind, this had to be made with my “strickpilz.” I had also planned to make a little yellow rubber duckie out of Fimo, but we found lice on Katja yesterday and EVERYTHING (including this pincushion) that I don’t want to go into the washing machine is being exiled to plastic bags for a few weeks. I snapped this picture before dumping the pincushion in the bag where it will stay until after the Pincushion Challenge deadline has come and gone. Sometimes it sucks to be a fiber artist.

21 Jul

Friday Five – on Saturday

1. Welche Bücher nimmst du mit in die ferien? Auch für daheimgebliebene: was ist deine Sommerlektüre?

What book will you take on vacation? Also, for those who stay home: What’s your summer fare?

Ich bleibe daheim. Irgendeine, ich lese “Collapse” bei Jared Diamond. Es ist keine leichte Sommerlektüre, aber, es ist was ich lese jetz durch.

I’m staying home, but either way, my book of the moment is “Collapse” by Jared Diamond. Not exactly light summer reading, but it’s what I’ve been working my way through.

2. Welche musik wird dich in die Ferien begleiten?

What music will accompany you on vacation?

Ich höre immer was meine iTunes spielt: eine mischung von klassik rock, Funk, Euro Pop und “Mashed Musik.”

I always listen to whatever my iTunes plays: a mix of classic rock, Funk, Euro pop and “Mashed” music.

3. Welche wichtigen dinge des täglichen lebens müssen einfach mit in die Ferien?

What important thing that you use daily is an absolute must-have while on vacation?

Ich muss etwas Kreative dabei haben: stricken, sticken, nähen, irgenwas für meine Fingern.

I must have something creative with me: knitting, embroidery, sewing, whatever, as long as I have something for my fingers.

4. Welche elektronischen dinge nimmst du mit? Oder lässt du das alles mal mit absicht hinter dir?

What electronic thing will you take with you? Or do you leave it all behind without a second thought?

Ich bringe nur meine Handy mit — falls not. Meine computer vermisse ich, aber es ist kein muss.

I’d bring only my cell phone — in case of emergency. I usually miss my computer, but it’s not crucial.

5. Welche kulinarischen genüsse wirst du dir unterwegs gönnen?

What culinary specialty will you allow yourself on vacation?

Ich bleibe zuhause, deswegen gibt’s keine “kulinarischen genüsse.” Aber, Katja will kochen lernen und sucht rezepten in ein gartenkochbuch von unsere Stadtbücherei…
Since I’m staying at home, I doubt there will be any “culinary specialties.” But, Katja wants to learn to cook and has been eyeing recipes in a garden cookbook we checked out from the library…

20 Jul

The Next Step

I spat out a bunch of German words in the last post which mean a lot to me, and probably not much to anyone else (except my German friends/readers). Yet another word is Schultüte, which is a big cone which Kindergarteners get at the end of their last year — before they start First Grade. The cone is filled with sweets and school supplies. Kindergarten in Germany is most like a combination of Preschool and Kindergarten in the United States, so kids are there between three and four years. Kindergarten is for play, socialization, gross and fine motor skills, language building, etc, but unlike in the US, it is not for learning to read and write. Therefore, the transition to First Grade is a milestone and a big fuss is always made. Last night, Katja had a big sleepover in Kindergarten with all the other kids who will start “School” in September, and this morning we had a celebration with gifts for the teachers, and most importantly, the Schultüten for the kids! For the grandmothers, here’s Katja and her Schultüte:


I’m moving on too (although not nearly as monumental a move). I’ve got all the instructions and cartoons ready for the Texies Sliced Quilt project. I hope to get these in the mail to all the participants Monday at the latest. Then I need to contemplate how I will do my section — which appears to be draped red fabric.

Sliced Quilt preparation

18 Jul

Work in Progress (or is that Flux?)

There’s a lot going on, and yet not much to post about.

Most of our activity of late has centered around end-of-the-school-year events. Katja is making the big leap from Kindergarten to first grade, and so she’s got rites of passage right and left: monthly afternoons with the Kooperationslehrerin (teacher from the elementary school helping prep the kids for the transition), the big Schulanfängerprojekt (this year, a theater production put on by the kids who will start school in the Fall), Singkreis where they get their Malmappen (the kids moving on get folders of all the drawings and crafts they’ve made for the last three years in Kindergarten), and the Übernachtung (a slumber party at Kindergarten for all the kids who will be going to school in the Fall)! Of course, families are an integral part of many of these activities. Then there’s the Sommerfests and Vorführungen associated with the kids’ after school activities (music school shows and club picnics); and Zavi’s class has had several wonderful Ausflüge (field trips). So, we’re making that wonderful, yet hectic transition from Kindergarten to school, and from school-time to vacation-time.

Creatively, I’ve got crêche figures in progress, fabric postcards underway, knitting to keep my hands busy when I’m away from home, and lots of embroidery and art quilt ideas waiting for a suitable pause in the activity. All WIP, but just that — in progress.

Postcard WIP

Adding to the change around here is the inevitable departure of TS&WGH. No worries, he won’t be gone long, nor will he be going anywhere dangerous, but there is still a transition to be made. As a military family, we’ve done this enough times that we know the routine — the busyness of preparation, the subtle drawing away, the waiting for the last minute changes which can be inconsequential or monumental.

Our summer in progress; moving from one state of being into another. I find the transitions the hardest, but once we’ve settled into our new routine I fully expect to come up for air and finish off some of the WIPs.

13 Jul

Friday Five, or, what I’m willing to do for my blog friends

It’s amazing what blog friends will inspire me to do. Since my blog friends are so supportive of me and my work, I feel compelled to answer a few requests. At Charlotte’s request, I’m trying out one of Elfen und Kampfzwerg’s “Friday Five.” At Susanne’s request, I’m trying itauf Deutsch!

1. In Prozent, wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass in deinem Auto irgendwo eine Pommes herumliegt?

In percentage, what is the probability that there is a french-fry somewhere in your car?

Bestimmt 50%. Das erinnernd mich mein Auto zu aufräumen.

Definitely 50%. That reminds me — I should clean out the car.

2. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du in den nächsten vier Tagen ein Eis ißt?

What is the probability that you will eat ice cream in the next four days?

Was für eine frage? Gerstern Aben haben wir Eis gegisst, und es soll am Wochenend mehr als 30°C sein . Wahrscheinlichkeit: SEHR HOCH.
What kind of question is this? We ate ice cream last night, and the prediction for the weekend is hot, hot, hot. Probability: VERY HIGH.

3. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du in den nächsten Tagen Post bekommst?

What is the probability that you will receive mail in the nest few days?

Wahrscheinlichkeit null. Der meisten Teile von unsere Post kommt per US Post am Kasserne. Wir wurden nicht am Kasserne gehen in die nächsten paar Tagen. Aber, mein Mann hat sehr gut Post heute zuhause mitgebracht.

Probability zero. Most of our mail comes through the US Postal Service on Base, and we’re not going on Base in the next few days. Oh, but my hubby brought home good mail today.

4. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es bei dir innerhalb der nächsten 48 Stunden regnen wird?

What is the probability that it will rain near you in the next 48 hours?

Wir haben genug gehabt. Schluss mit dem Regen (zumindest für eine Woche). Gibt’s wenig Wahrscheinlichkeit.

Stop with the rain. We’ve had enough (at least for a week). Probability low.

5. Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass du am Wochenende etwas nähen ( bzw. handarbeiten) wirst?

What is is the probability that you will sew something this weekend?

Ich will 100% sagen, aber ich weiss besser. Aber, die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist mehr als 50%. Sonntag, Sonntag, Sonntag!

I want to say 100%, but I know better. The probability is more than 50% though. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Danke, Charlotte für ein einfaches Friday Five das ich konnte übersetzen. Es tut mir leid zu allem meine Deutschesprachige Leserinen das ich habe eure Sprache verstümmelt. Ausser Susanne, wer hat es eingeladet.

Thank you, Charlotte for a Friday Five that was pretty easy to translate. To all my readers who are native German speakers, I am sorry for any pain I have inflicted on your language. Well, except for Susanne, because she asked for it. 😉