11 Mar

Behind the Scenes

Sorry for the lack of interesting visuals to look at lately. There’s lots of stuff going on here, but nothing I’m willing to share yet.

One of the things going on is A NEW AND UPDATED WEBSITE!!! Yes, you heard right. I am finally going to fix the problem of Internet Explorer users not being able to see the images on my regular website. I took the opportunity to go ahead and revamp the whole thing. More accurately, after trying to delve into learning Adobe GoLive, I decided that I’d rather put the whole thing in the very capable hands of my friend and fellow designer Joe Wellborn. Joe has designed a fine looking website and set it up so that I can update it myself using Adobe Contribute. It looks very promising (and way easier to use than GoLive), but I will need to spend the next few days (or will it be weeks?) prepping and inputting info. So, If my blog or website act weird it’s probably because I’m messing round with them behind the scenes. If it all goes smoothly and it looks great and you want one too, please give all props to Joe :-).

07 Mar

Food for Thought

Robin posted today about the Art of Quilting. I’m posting my comment here too because I’ve been reading other similar posts and it seems timely.

I think that it’s OK to be primarily interested in the techniques of quilt-making (I’m always up for learning new things), and it’s fine to enjoy the “prettiness” of it all (I like pretty things), but, Robin’s right; if we’re going to talk about the ART of quilting, then we need to be talking about completely different things — like inspiration, introspection, and influences. Seeing blog posts like hers and Lisa Call’s post yesterday makes me think that perhaps the art quilt movement has matured to the point where we will soon see a split between the enthusiasts and the dedicated artists, between those who show in local group shows and those who look for gallery representation (I gotta say, I liked the gallery process), between the class takers (yup) and those seeking more personal inspiration (yup there too).

Me, I’m not sure which side I’ll end up on.

04 Mar

Nice Art (IMHO)

I’m no art critic, but I know what I like. (In my humble opinion, since you as a collector will be living with the art, then it would be awfully nice if you liked it.) Anyways, I was poking aimlessly (unfocused-ly?) around the internet and found the work of Jen Garrido. Something about how organic the shapes are; the way they push/pull between the positive and negative shapes; the simplicity versus complexity of her technique has me mesmerized. I just thought I’d share.

03 Mar

Out of Focus

I’ve been a very lazy blogger. I haven’t felt focused enough to say anything in the last week. In fact, I haven’t been very focused on anything lately.

I am working on a challenge quilt for the mini group I belong to, and I’ve got some ideas for another quilt or two along the same lines as “My Dream House.” I keep bouncing back and forth, but can’t really get into either project. Nor can I get started on a baby quilt for a friend due in May, or even patch the holes in the kids’ jeans.
There’s a half dozen calls for entry in the next few months that I could submit to; some of which have particular size or theme requirements. Although these are all ones I’ve identified because I could meet the requirements, I’m having a hard time focusing on which one needs what and when. Some have a loud siren call, and others are of the “if I get around to it” variety. And yes, I have a list, and I’ve actually looked at it a few times, but the minute I look away, it all dissolves into a haze.

Similarly, I keep having conflicting and/or unfocused thoughts on my art. One day I’m checking out calls for entry, gleaning professional tips from various websites, cataloging my work, keeping track of expenses, trying to figure out where I fit into the art quilt world, and generally trying to become a professional artist. Then the next day, I’m thinking about how I don’t have to support myself or my family with my art (lucky me!), and so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. It doesn’t matter if I call myself an artist, or a crafter, or anything at all, or if my quilts have conceptual depth or not. I have no illusions (delusions) of grandeur — I doubt I’ll be the next big thing in fiber art. Really, I could make smocks for Katja’s baby dolls all day long and if it satisfied my need to be creative then it would be justified. Why bother with the angst of defining what I do and figuring out the best way to market it?

Yeah, so one day I’m sucked into the quilt artist world, and then the next I’m wondering what all the fuss was about. Unfocused.

02 Mar

Village Series #2

This is the second piece I started at Art Quilt Tahoe last November, and the last to be finished. My design wall is now free to be covered with completely new pieces of fabric 🙂

Village Series #2

Village Series #2, 2007

Village Series #2 detail


Gerrie tagged this one as hers back in November and has been waiting very patiently for me to finally get off my butt and finish it ;-). I hope it lives up to your memories of it, Gerrie! In my mind, this whole Village Series goes together because I used the same tools, stamps, color palette, and house imagery. In reality, I opened up photos of all of them on my computer and, no, they are not really similar at all. They are all influenced by other, and of course, all the house stamps are the same and I’ve used the tjanting tool on all of them. But, when I added in #5, My Dream House, it really doesn’t share as much as I had assumed it did. Weird how that happens. Even the little ones (#3, #4 and #6) don’t match these last two as much as I had thought. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I just thought it was interesting what I imagined in my head versus what I saw with my eyes.

Just as an aside, as I suspected, adding watermarks to my photos is driving me nuts. Adding the watermark itself isn’t the annoying part, it’s the realization as I’m uploading my photos that I once again have forgotten to add the watermark and must go back almost to square one that’s the annoying part.