07 Nov

Kreativ Welt 2006

What do you do when you have quilts to finish for a deadline, guests coming, kids on vacation, and a house to clean? Go shopping of course!

Kreativ Welt --a fraction

I packed up the kids and met my friend Sidney in Wiesbaden for the annual all-things-hobby market. The entire convention center (admittedly, not GIANT, but pretty darn big) was filled with vendors selling papares, fabrics, paints, stamps, stickers, beads, teddy bear accessories, yarn, you name it!

I love these ladies’ traditional blue and white table linens:


And now they are selling their hand carved wooden stamps and inks. No spotted mushrooms, though. I asked.

my goodies
I’ve been wanting to make a chunky necklace like this ever since I saw the pom-pom ones at the Carrefour du Patchwork in Val d’Argent:

And, I got some felting supplies for the long, cold winter, wool stuffing for pincushions, and sparkly stuff for an upcoming challenge project from our small, American quilting group here.

More goodies

In addition to the vendors and quite a few workshops, there was an exhibit of quilts by the group “Frei Scherler.” If you are in Europe, they were featured in the latest Patchwork Professional magazine. This exhibit was around the theme of Amish quilts revisited in small format.

“Boy, she’s brave to take the kids shopping like that” you say? Naw, there was a free, supervised, play area for the kids. Katja made craft projects for three hours, and Zavi played with the baby bunnies. They wanted to come back the next day — how cool is that?!
Zavi pats the bunny