08 Jan

This one is for TS&WGH

Which Serenity character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

You (that being ME) scored as Hoban 'Wash' Washburne. The Pilot. You are a leaf on the wind, see how you soar. You have a good job, and a stunning wife who loves you (and can kill people). Life is good, which is why you can’t help smiling. Now if you can just get people to actually listen to your opinion things would be perfect.

(FYI, I scored high on the Dr. Simon Tam, Kaylee, and CPT Reynolds characteristics as well, and in that order) Oh, and my wife can’t kill people, but my husband can!

Which Serenity character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

08 Jan

No Pictures Today

Don’t I feel silly, making fun of TS&WGH for reading blogs with no pictures, and then posting one myself!

So, I’ve been memed by BOTH Gerrie and Deborah. What does meme mean anyways? And is it me me (me me me me as this one is four things…), or pronounced like meem? So here we go:

Four Jobs You’ve Had: Painter of sparkly 80’s T-shirts, production artist for professional slide show producers (pre-computers), Graphic Designer, Stay-at-Home-Mom

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over: The Princess Bride, Terminator, Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, Alien

Four Places You’ve Lived: Like Deb, only four!? Here’s the four that have impacted me the most: Los Angeles; DC Metro Area; Schweinfurt, Germany; Leimen, Germany

Four TV Shows you love to Watch: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law & Order SVU, Changing Rooms (the Brit version of Trading Spaces), and currently, Firefly (the precurser to the movie Serenity)

Four Places You’ve Been on Vacation: Again, only four?! Vienna, Austria; Rome, Italy; Glasgow and Edinburough, Scotland; Oslo, Bergen and the Fjords of Norway

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: Well, not every day as I have RSS feeds, so they come to me when my favorite bloggers post: Fibermania, Bird in the Hand, Gerrie, Robin (don’t worry if you’re not on this list, there’s still a good chance I read your blog often!)

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: Semmel knödel (like bread dumplings), anything “caprese” (tomatoes, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar), carne asada tacos, Frappuccino.

Four Places You’d Rather Be: In my sewing room or Spain (haven’t been there yet). I can’t really think of anywhere else, as I find my life prettey perfect right where we are.

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without: Did you just say albums? TS&WGH has set me up with iTunes and my own little collection of music. This has everything I like to listen to, rated so my favorites get played more often. This is all I need.

So, now you all know a little more about me. I’m off to see what I can find out about you!

06 Jan

Thank You

Today was a good mail day. I scolded Deborah a few weeks back for posting such cute pins on her blog that I felt compelled to go make some. Super blog-friend that she is, she was kind enough to send me one!

Xmas pin

She joked that with my army address I would be lucky to get it by Valentines Day. I am happy to report that I have it in time for both Valentines Day and St. Patricks (as it has a nice little shot of green) and plan on wearing it as much as possible.

I sent a fabric postcard to Robin, with whom I bonded at Art Quilt Tahoe, and she responded not in kind, but with this wonderful calendar:

Hawaiian Quilts Calendar

The quilts are all from Hawaiian quilters and she’s Miss June ’06 and February ’07! I was just debating whether or not I should go get a new inspirational quilt themed calendar, or just live with my electronic one. I am so happy Robin sent me “shameless self promotion,” as she put it.

Lately, I have been thinking about all my friends and aquaintances. When one moves every two to three years it’s hard to find, and maintain, one set of friends that are at the same place in life as you, share the same or similar interests, can meet with regularity, know you better than you know yourself, etc. So I have more compartmentalized friends (and I blame any and every typo tonight on my neighbors/friends who invited us to their home for raclette and beer/wine). I am grounded by family and long-time friends back in the USA. I happily socialize with the friends I make wherever we happen to be. And I can now share my creative ups and downs with my new blog friends. Thank you!

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance;
They make the latitudes and longitudes.

H.D. Thoreau

that last addition is the wine talking 😉 Oh, and I forgot to mention that one reason i am waxing poetic about my blog friends is thet TS&WGH has linked my site to one of those maps where you can see where people are visiting from. I had a whole rash of visitors from Spain last week, and I’m noticing regulars from Enid, Oklahoma and Crystal Lake Illinois. And get this, someone was actually able to tear their eyes away from the scenery in Yosemite, California to check out my site. Is that cool, or what?

04 Jan

In Progress

Off topic: TS&WGH reads blogs with no pictures. I just don’t get it.

On topic: Here’s what’s been going on in fits and spurts for the last few months here. After finishing “Juni im Rhein-Neckar Kreis,” with it’s poppies and young wheat, I had been contemplating the more mature wheat of summer and the purple and blue flowers that replaced the poppies along the edges of the fields. Some of the ladies in the local quilt group are making hexagon quilts like the one on the cover of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine roughly nine months ago. I thought to myself, a hexagon quilt would make a nice, portable hand-work project to take with me to the kids’ music lessons, and sport practice. Hmmm, wheat fields lend themselves to hexagons (or at least in my mind they do). Hmmm, I could add a lot of interest, and not bore myself out of finishing the project, by distorting the hexagons. So, on the computer, I drew a bunch of hexagons, roughly worked out my color groups, distorted the hexagons to my liking, numbered every hexagon (so I could keep track of them and their specific placement), and printed out two copies.

Wheat Field hex quilt in progress

That’s when I realized this wasn’t going to be portable at all. Every hex has it’s own place on the “map” and it’s color is directly affected by what’s around it. There’s no box of scraps to randomly pick from and baste to one of 800 identical hexagon templates. There’s no box of basted hexagons to randomly reach into and sew a light to a dark, or a plain to one with a pieced one. In the picture, the basted bottom section is the product of three intense days of picking fabrics, basting, tapeing to the map, and then re-doing half when I don’t like how they are working with their neighbors. I basted the sky portion in November over a period of several weeks. My dad came to visit and asked me why I hated myself so much as a project like this could only have been dreamed up by a masochist. Ha! I proved him wrong. Once basted, I can actually take sections of the “map,” with it’s ready-to-go hexagons, off the wall and take them anywhere. I finished the sky at an indoor playground (think warehouse filled with bouncy castles, slides and climbing apparatus) yesterday with five other moms and 13 kids. One of the other moms brought her knitting (very big pastime here) and all we chatted for five hours while the kids played. How’s that for balance? Plus, I’m getting much better at explaining quilts and quilting in german.

Wheat Field sky in progress

I am pleased to say that this may be the portable project I had imagined after-all. I hope to be able to spend quality time prepping the hexes when TS&WGH can occupy the kids, and then the sewing together of said pieces seems to actually be going pretty quickly and can be done wherever I am. Not quite as easy as I had originally thought, but not as impossible as it seemed two months ago!

01 Jan

Another Table Runner

Here’s the table runner I made for my sister. All her dishes are blue and white and quite an eclectic mix.


It was hard to photograph as it’s pretty long (I had to splice two photos together). Here’s a close up:

Erin's close up

Lest I forget, there is yet another Mod Log Cabin table runner out there. This one is for Lisa, with whom I am trading art. I can’t wait to see my Mod Birds. I could waste serious hours at Lisa’s site checking out her stuff and all the fun, funky, cute stuff on the links she’s posted.

And thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and thanks for all your comments. I am really enjoying the conversations, and finding like-minded people across the globe. Here’s to more in 2006!