03 Jun

Day 4

Today looked a lot like the previous days, but with a helping of bittersweet. After champagne brunch at the hotel, we met longtime friends at the pool, where we pretty much stayed the entire day.

(The photo is from a few days ago, but it could be today.)

We are going to miss the friends we made here, and the friends from previous assignments who are here too. I very much hope that our paths will cross again, and I’m pretty confident they will.


We are excited too for what tomorrow brings.

02 Jun

Day 3

So, I was thinking this phone blogging on the road would be a Where’s Waldo or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego kind of thing. But, here we are, in the same place.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Being early risers, we didn’t have too long a wait for breakfast at Eggs n Things. The girl proclaimed her waffle “epic.”


She and I also got pedicures with little flowers, or “pua,” so we could properly represent Hawaii on our road trip. I don’t know if we could so easily get pretty flower pedicures in Virginia.


The rest of the day was pool side. Reading, drinking, swimming, talking story.

Dinner was at Duke’s because we hadn’t been there yet. Food was good, but I have to admit Nico’s from Wednesday night was better. Nico’s didn’t have uncle and two aunties in muu muus strolling around serenading the diners though. We requested some classic Hawaiian music when they got to us and they regaled us with Sophisticated Hula and The Hukilau Song. My grandfather used to sing the Hukilau song to us, so it has a special place in my heart. I told the aunties I knew the song and they insisted I get up and dance with them. So, I did. I can sway my hips just fine and they gave me prompts for the hand movements. It was sweet, and a lovely way to end one of our last days here in Hawaii.


01 Jun

Day 2

After breakfast at a Waikiki institution, we had to go spend most of the day back on post doing all the signing out stuff, and hubby got a medal for his hard work whole here. We also got word that my car has arrived on the Mainland so we can pick it up as soon as we have the chance. Now, finally, we sit poolside, awaiting adult beverages.


Life is good.

01 Jun

Day 1

May 31st was Day One of our epic adventure/road trip. We cleared out of the house (bye house, we’ll miss you).


Returned the modem to the cable company, mailed a few things we had hung onto till the end, like the phone and some bedding, and dropped the kitty off at the vet to board for a month. Then, we checked in to our beachfront hotel, the Hale Koa.


We found friends who are also on their way off the island, and the boy’s friends came to play. Anyone with a military ID can come use the pool, so it’s easy to be party central here. I went off to knit night for the last time. Bye knit night, you’ve been fun.

The best part though — sleeping in a real bed! No more air mattresses for a while!

And, we woke up to a yummy diner breakfast instead of leftovers on paper plates.


We’re looking forward to a sunny weekend in Waikiki and then we take this show on the road.

18 Feb

Checking Out Pow Wow Hawai’i

This week was Pow Wow Hawai’i 2012, a “gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art.” And engage it did. Our family took the afternoon to watch the international artists at work and to see their incredible creations. It didn’t hurt that we needed to be in the neighborhood to pick up hubby’s race pack for the Great Aloha Run on Monday, nor that the art was within blocks of Hank’s Haute Dogs (for fortification, of course). Pow Wow hawaii turned out to be the star of the day though.

I want very much to share some of the art we saw. Much of it was collaborative and in-process, so please forgive me if I have not given sufficient credit to the artists. I figure that since the nature of most street art is anonymous, just sharing the amazing work is acceptable. I’ve given names where possible, and more info can be found via the Pow Wow Hawaii link. Click on the photos to go to my Flickr pics which have a little more info. Hubby has more photos on his Flickr pages too.

This guy is part of an impressive corner mural depicting the Hawaiian coat of arms. It has a lot of legend and symbolism imbued in it, and man, the painting is good! Disclaimer: I’m not entirely sure if this is new, or from last year’s Pow Wow. I think it’s new.

Awesome mural representing the Hawaiian coat of Arms

Kamanawa, painted by Prime.

Powerful Hawaiian symbolism and legend courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

This section is Kame’eiamoku and a he’e painted by Estria.

Warrior minions? Part of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

These warriors were painted by Katch One

Hawaiian Legend portrayed by Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Not far away is a huge wall depicting gods and goddesses of Hawaii. I forget who they all are and what each symbolizes, but it’s always in pairs such as heaven and earth, fire and water, air and snow, etc. Pele is easy to find, and I liked Lono riding his pigs, but snowy Poliahu was looking great as well. As I was talking to one of the artists and not getting all the names straight, he said this is why they wanted to make such a mural: to be educational as well as beautiful. Some of the artists participating in this collaboration were Estria and Trek Six and probably Prime.

Cool He'e (octopus) courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Another cool he’e by Estria.

I love this flower by Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

I love this flower.

Happy Face Spider courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

The Happy Face spider is endemic to Hawai’i. The kids figure this one is happy because it’s on a web of cash!

Dangerous looking street art by Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Further down the wall with the octopus and the spiders is this dangerous looking love by Katch. Again, I was really impressed by the quality of the artists. Damn, they can draw!

Knit bomber adds to Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 street art

My knit buddy Michelle got in on teh action too and tagged two pipes with spam knitsubi!

More Yarnbombing

And there’s a Hannasaurus rex on a nearby parking meter. Feed me!

Playing with the art at Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

It was hard not to be drawn in by the art.

Katja and a Party Fish

At first I thought this was a unicorn fish, but the kids pointed out the string hanging down and informed me it was a party fish.

Menehune racing wild pigs courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Around the corner from the fish and zombie-esque cutie were a bunch of local artists mashing it up. The theme at this end was mauka to makai (mountains to the sea), and as it was facing a park, it was somewhat sporty. Above are tattooed cliff divers and below are menehune racing pigs. I love the iconic ’40s style menehune (something like fairies) on their fluffy boars. Looks like wonderful pandemonium to me.

Fisherman’s Warf use to be a destination restaurant. Now it’s a derelict building on a main thoroughfare. As of this week it’s been made more interesting with a happy melange of graffiti by Flying Fortress, 123Klansman (scien, klor, cleo, & tommy), and Moby Slick (I think).

An improvement to decaying Fisherman's Warf. Thanks Pow Wow Hawaii.

Juke Box Whale! Courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Watch those tagger crabs! Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

Australian artist Phibs ended up with his own wall which he filled with this graphic red-head. It was amazing watching him paint. He made flowing lines so effortlessly and gracefully.

Impressive mural at Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

I think this wall was the collaboration to end all collaborations. ┬áSo many artists worked together on it and they blend and overlap so interestingly. Everyone seemed to be having a good time too — watching each other work, adding bits here and there, and checking out how each site was growing. Participants include “Angry Woebots” who painted the angry pandas (which he says counter the popular image of cute pandas and could be mad because they are endangered), Peap Tarr, Meggs, Barras, Jago, Aaron De La Cruz and Jeff Hamada (I think).

Extremely collaborative effort courtesy of Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

I’m not sure whose brainchild this one was, but it was basically a funky cat with a bunch of characters in it’s mouth. Angry Woebot is adding a panda to the mix. But the coolest thing was how the cat artist had used a cement overhang as the bill to the cat’s baseball cap.

Adding to the collaboration that is Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

All in all it was a great way to get out of the house, interact with the community, see some fun art, and have a nice family outing. there were lots of others out enjoying the Pow Wow too. I hope that they are able to continue this event to both engage locals and to add character and beauty to otherwise dreary neighborhoods.