27 Feb

Figure Friday

We had another snow day, but this time drawing session was cancelled. Our instructions were to draw the dog or cat at home, but I’m going to share one of my stitchy ladies.

Jilted Lover 1sm

“Jilted Lover 1″ by Kristin La Flamme 16″x 20”

She may be my favorite so far. I’ve got two more in progress though, using drawings from this session, and concentrating the embroidery on the negative spaces.


Jilted Lover det Cafe


20 Feb

Figure Friday

Figure Friday: Snow Day Edition

I’m sure most people are familiar with the juggling of schedules and expectations when there’s a snow day at school. I’m in the enviable position that my kids are now old enough to be able to be left home alone if they don’t have school but I still have commitments. Also, my not having a job outside the house makes me quite flexible. Most working parents, especially those of young kids just don’t have that luxury. This is the long way of me saying that because of Thursday’s Snow Day, and the unavailability of an alternate model, our scheduled model had to bring her four-year-old to our drawing session.


Snow Day 1

No problem. We’re not picky about what we get to draw. We had a G rated session and our young guest was eager to get on stage himself. Gotta draw quick though — even the most motivated Kindergartners can’t stand still for long.


Snow Day 2

Next, he let mom model, and our engenue joined the other artists in drawing.


Snow Day 3

We had a few mother son poses, and even pulled it all together for one where he was both modeling and drawing.


Snow Day 4

And finally, if our guest and his mom were modeling, then it stood to reason that others in the room should model too. These are his drawings of me on stage for the last pose. I was sitting on the floor with one leg extended, the other crossed over, and my chin on my hand with my elbow on my knee. I think he totally captured all that!

Though not our normal routine, it was a fun and challenging (in a good way) morning of figure drawing. I won’t go so far as to say “bring on the snow days,” but I’m totally OK with “bring your kid to drawing group” days.

13 Feb

Figure Friday

This week’s session was good. We had one of my favorite models — the one who dresses up and inspires me to infuse stories into my drawings. No dressing up today, but lots of twisty, fun, challenging poses to draw.

Figure Drawing 2.12.15

Figure Drawing 2.12.15


It was almost like I had spent all week with this model. I’ve been working on transforming some of my drawings into stitched versions. This one isn’t her:

Clean Sweep sm

Clean Sweep, 20″x 20″

But this one is:

Kitchen Superhero Stitched sm

Kitchen Superhero, 11″x 14″


This one is her too:



I’m not sure where these stitched drawings are leading, but it was an idea I needed to pursue. I’m trying to finish this last one (the original drawing is one of the Jilted Lovers with a knife) in time to submit to Fantastic Fibers at the Yeiser Art Center in Kentucky.



After that I’ll need to focus my attention on updating my web site. if things are wonky here next week, just know it’s me futzing around and things should get back to normal soon — hopefully with additional galleries of my more recent work!

06 Feb

Figure Friday

Life Drawing: Theme and Variation

Check it out, McGuffey Art Center’s Figure Drawing: Theme and Variation is now an annual show! This year it is in the main gallery and it’s looking great. Many styles and media are represented and everyone outdid themselves with the quality of work. It’s also great fun to ferret out the same poses drawn from different angles by different artists.

On one of the movable walls is my stitched drawing, “Nice Jug.” Not seen in this photo is one of the drawings I later added stenciled texture to.





As if that weren’t enough, on the back wall I have three more drawings! One Jilted Lover, an oil pastel, and a charcoal drawing.

Life Drawing: Theme and Variation


Figure3 1.22.15





Join us for the opening reception tonight at McGuffey Art center, Charlottesville, VA from 5:30 to 7:30. Or, see the show throughout the month of February, 2015.

30 Jan

Figure Friday

This week’s drawing session was only OK. The model was great, but my drawings were meh. But that’s OK, because what I’d much rather share is stitched versions of drawings from the last year or so.

I’m starting with drawings like this one and scanning or tracing them at the size I’d like to make my stitched art.

Kitchen Superhero.sm


First, I used the copies as templates to stitch onto canvas, adding some background fabrics as I went. I worked up three because I didn’t really know where I was going with these and I wanted to let them talk to me as I progressed.


Sassy Housewives WIP1

I added some more fabrics, now using the stitched figures as my guide and paying much closer attention to the placement of motifs, and thinking about how I’d proceed with hand and machine stitching.

Sassy Housewives WIP2

This one spoke to me first. I like the way she dangles the jug, so I decided to focus on it by “coloring” it in with embroidery floss. I continued stitching sketchy highlights using my original drawing as a reference.

Nice Jug WIP1

Blech, the hand stitching was too heavy and it detracted from the jug. So I cut it all out.

Nice Jug WIP2

I stitched highlights and shadows again, this time with my sewing machine. I like it much better. But the nipples are too dark. It could use a little more hand stitching too.

Nice Jug WIP3


When I was satisfied, I dampened the work and stretched it around a canvas. Once dry, I think she looks quite nice. I finished her just in time to hopefully be included in the annual Figure Drawing: Theme and Variation show at McGuffey Art Center along with a Jilted Lover drawing and a few more from our weekly drawing sessions.

Nice Jug sm

Nice Jug, 2015, 11″x 14″ by Kristin La Flamme


Nice Jug det web

Nice Jug (detail), 2015, 11″x 14″ by Kristin La Flamme


22 Jan

Figure Friday

Yesterday was not quite as good a day as two weeks ago, but I did take some time at home later to add to a few drawings and I like what I got.

Figure3 1.22.15

Here’s my Jilted Lover: Before with some ominous paint and splattery resist. I like.


Figure2 1.22.15

This week’s Jilted Lover. I think she’s just dreaming of the possibilities. I added a little collage flower and sheer sparkly paper.


Figure 1.22.15

Finally, just a regular reclining nude. The best part about her is that half way through, her arm was a little off and I was afraid I’d messed the boobs up, and the legs were going to look too small. I worked through it though and in the end, she’s pretty well put together. Also, she has a nice face. It’s not the model’s face, but it’s a nice face.

Now my challenge will be which three drawings to choose for the life Drawing show at McGuffey. No framed drawings. But, I will try to create at least one stitched one out of curiosity.


16 Jan

Figure Friday

Have I posted these two ladies yet? Let’s assume not. I’m going to call this post Backs, Two Ways.

I’ve been working with oil pastels just for curiosity’s sake. Sometimes the results are OK, like the first drawing.



And sometimes I can do much better. I can’t ever predict what kind of day I’m going to have though, and I haven’t figured out at what point in the process things go either right or wrong when they do go one way or the other. Obviously, this means I need to do more drawings! Perhaps an actual class would be a good idea. I also want to stitch figures, so I may go off in that direction instead.


09 Jan

Figure Friday

I went to life drawing yesterday feeling a bit rusty after not gong for about three weeks. I left feeling great! I think maybe I do better work when I can get into a kind of a story with the pose. Yesterday’s session developed a kind of domestic theme (at least to me).

Things started out innocently enough with poses meant to represent a muse — though I saw a kitchen superhero if I just changed the staff to a mop.

Kitchen Superhero.sm


But then a jilted lover emerged. I’m pretty sure this is the morning after, and she’s contemplating action.


Jilted Lover.before.sm



And I’m assuming this is the aftermath.

Jilted Lover.after.sm


I drew these with watercolor pencil so now that I’ve scanned them, I will probably see what happens when I take a brush and water to the originals. I would also like to make versions in fabric and stitch. I have a vision of a whole series of stitchy, sassy, housewives, and these last two drawings excite me to change that sassy to fierce.