26 Jun

Figure Friday

It’s good to know that I can miss almost a month of figure drawing sessions and still be able to make a decent drawing.

Figure Drawing 6.25a Figure Drawing 6.25b Figure Drawing 6.25c

29 May

Figure Friday

I was starting to feel a little twitchy because I hadn’t been to a life drawing session in a few weeks. It really is restorative “me” time. I never realize just how much so until I don’t go for a while.

Figure drawing 5.28a



Since it had been a while, I got out the larger paper and tools today. Big, loose, gestural stuff to get back in the groove. I can’t say the drawings are fantastic, but they felt good and that’s all that matters.

Figure drawing 5.28b


I had been thinking about erasing old drawings that aren’t that good and re-using the paper. I figured that could work for the oil pastels too — why not? For the long pose I drew over two previous pastels and then filled it in with more oil pastel. It was hard to stay on track with what was old and what was new, but I’m kind of digging it. I’ll be trying this again.Figure drawing 5.28

08 May

Figure Friday



Robert, who hosts our weekly figure drawing sessions in his studio, thought we were drawing caryatids this week. As far as I’m concerned, these are more Femmes and they are carrying moving boxes. Thanks also to fellow draw-er Michael who gave me the Oregon map to draw on!

01 May

Figure Friday


Our new favorite male model. Maybe we can convince him to use The Cube next time…


I don’t know if I’ve written about it here or not, but one of the things I really enjoy about typical figure drawing sessions is the variety of models we get to draw. Every size, shape, gender and age presents it’s own challenges and excitement. One week it’s angles and litheness, the next it’s all round curves, and then it’s monumental weight, or coiled up potential energy. I feel different approaching each personality, whether it shows in the drawings or not. Often it even affects which drawing tools I use. I definitely didn’t do this particular model justice this week, but trying is part of the reason I go week after week. My friend Terry has found me a figure drawing group in Portland for after our move. I am looking forward to a whole new range of characters to discover!

20 Mar

Figure Friday

Figure Drawing 3.15

I decided to draw our tall thin model on tall thin paper last Thursday. It was great for the standing poses and the right amount of challenging for the seated ones. I finally captured her face in the far right drawing but had to completely start over on the body so as not to drag down my small success. It’s definitely unfinished, but I like it. The Drawing Session was bittersweet. It looks like this model, who has brought so much great energy to my efforts of late, is moving to greener pastures. I wish her well — even though a part of me hopes she comes back so I can draw more kitchen superheroes!