08 Jun

Half Light

While I was setting up and celebrating Homefront & Downrange in North Carolina, my friends and co-conspirators Natalya Aikens and Vivien Zepf were setting up a group show of our work, plus that of two more in the circle, Robin Ferrier and Deborah Boschert.

The Gloaming is a presentation of contemporary art, inspired by the magical time betwixt day and night, eliciting myriad transitions. The art is manifested in fiber-based media, from cloth to paper and plastic, in sizes large and small.

The five artists in this group show hail from across the United States. We initially came to know one another through artist groups on the internet; later, more personal conversations ensued and friendships were born. This is the group’s first collaborative exhibition though individually, each artist has shown work in juried art exhibitions and been published.

We each included one larger piece and one 12″ x 12″ piece, all inspired by the colors of the gloaming — that period just as the sun sets when glowing gold mixes with twilight blue. My piece was inspired by the prominent transition in my life right now, my husband’s retirement from the Army. When I started the piece it was loosely based on a flag, with the structure of the stripes going dark in deep blues, purples and greens. The straight stripes was contrasted with an exuberant field of oranges and golds representing the possibilities awaiting in the next day. I was nearly finished when I decided that it was boring me and what I really wanted to do was to work on an improvisational scrap piece that was waiting for me to take a break from artworks with deadlines and purposes.

Half Light Medallion web


Half Light Medallion, by Kristin La Flamme 2015

So I changed course, and started fresh. I dumped out all my scraps in Gloaming colors and proceeded to make a new piece, starting from the center out in a Medallion Quilt style. While this one is conceptually further from my original intent, it still retains a bit of structure in the center, which dissolves into scrappy chaos, and then a casual twilight of spiky challenges next to peaceful star-filled spaces.It’s a little bit landscape, and a little bit reflection on transitions. Mostly it was a whole lot of fun to make as I figured it out as I went along.

If you are within visiting distance of Larchmont, NY, please come and see all our pieces on view from now until June 30th. Vivien and Natalya will be giving an artist’s talk on the 14th from 2-4pm. Please come.

June 2nd – 30th, 2015
Etui Fiber Arts
2106 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, NY


18 Feb

Knit Night

I had some technical difficulties knitting this Bubbles and Baubles shawl by Tori Gurbisz. No fault of the pattern designer — I was just twisting my stitches but didn’t realize it because I’m not quite there yet in my “reading” of my knitting. I’m better now and I may even knit this pattern again a la the Reversible Circles of Lace scarf.

Bubbles and Baubles Shawl


In the mean-time, I still like the shawl and wear it often — particularly with my favorite “I’m an Artist” tunic. As with my other cotton shawls, I seem to do better wearing them like scarves. Also, like so many of my knits, this is Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn. Not scratchy. Love it!

Bubbles and Baubles scarf

08 Jul

Stencil Winner

Thanks for all the great comments praising Lynn’s stencils from Artiscellar, and my figure drawings. I enjoyed reading about what you might do with the stencils — especially Jeannie’s idea to use them for embroidery designs, Deanna’s thought to obscure ugly fabric with stenciled pattern (brilliant!), and Jax’s plan for stencil ing speaker fronts! Clever people all!

But the real question is, who wins the stencil set? My son picked the number eight, so our lucky stencil recipient is commenter 8, Jacki Young! Congratulations. Your goodies will be coming direct from Artiscellar.

Thank you everyone for joining in the blog hop.

25 Apr

Winner, Winner!

Intentional Printing - jacket art

It’s the 25th and the Intentional Printing blog hop is pretty much wound up. There were 60 comments on my post so I had my daughter pick a number between 1 and 60. She chose seven. Pam R was the seventh commenter and she’ll be getting her very own copy of the book. Yay! Thanks to everyone for participating and I hope that many of you go out and buy the book anyway. It’s a great resource and kick in the pants for anyone ready to dip their toes into surface design.

Draw, stamp, screen print and more to create gorgeous art cloth with the help of surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk’s new book from Interweave/F+W Media, Intentional Printing: Simple Techniques for Inspired Art Fabric .

26 Mar

Musical Eight Ball

Here’s a fun one from Diane. You answer each question in the following meme with whatever’s palying on your iPod shuffle, or in my case, my computer iTunes smart playlist. (I opted not to use my entire library as it had a lot of holiday stuff and kids stuff which I don’t listen to regularly.) So this is from my collection I listen to most often. As Diane says, “It’s more fun than the Magic 8 Ball!”

How does the world see me?
Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan
We’re off to an interesting start 🙂

Will I have a happy life?
Angels with Dirty Faces by Los Lobos
We only just loaded our extensive Los Lobos collection last night, so I haven’t listened to this song in a long time. Not sure how to interpret it as an answer.

What do my friends really think of me?
Back on the Chain Gang by The Pretenders
Oooh. Am I that hard to get along with?
Do people secretly lust after me?
Work That Sh## Out by Dsico
Hee hee. This is one from TS&WGH’s vast library of “Mashed” music. It pairs Destiny’s Child with Jimmy Hendrix. I guess it’s appropriate?

How can I make myself happy?
Cocaine (live) by Eric Clapton
No, no, no! Although I love, love, love this song and Clapton)

What should I do with my life?
River of Fools by Los Lobos
Maybe I shouldn’t have started this silly meme…

Will I ever have children?
American Girl by Tom Petty
OK, I have one of those, sort of (my girl holds and American passport, but was born in Germany).

What is some good advice for me?
Superman by Five for Fighting
I think I have one of those too…

How will I be remembered?
The Best of Love by Ocean 11
OK. I can live with that. It’s Ska too, which is interesting.

What is my signature dance song?
Ring of Fire by Social Distortion
I guess Social D is more danceable than my Johnny Cash version, but really, whaaa?!

What do I think my current theme song is?
Can’t Buy Me Caroline by Go Home Productions
Another mashed song, this time combining the Fab Four with something heavy on rock guitar that I don’t recognize. I’ll interpret with the “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” part.

What song will play at my funeral?
Walk This Way by Aerosmith
I kid you not, I am NOT making this stuff up!!

What type of men do I like?
Just Another Day by Oingo Boingo
Does this mean I like your basic odd, tech/geeky, 80s kinda guy? Ooh, I just missed “A Boy Names Sue” by Johnny Cash by two songs!

What is my day going to be like?
Get out of Ms Jackson’s Bed by 10000 Spoons
It’s an appologetic kind of song and I don’t think it bodes well for my day. The music is upbeat though.
Thanks for the distraction, Diane. I think.

21 Nov

Quick, do this:

Quick, before he tires of it and removes it, everyone must visit TS&WGH’s site and have a good, cheap laugh at POTUS. Just click on “For What It’s Worth” at the right under “Other Sites.”